Health & Wellness

It's not a diet, it's a needed life style change -
healthy living!!!

Time for a change! You can look and feel great! We'd love to help YOU. We take a whole person approach in helping people meet their goals.

Tuesday Night location: 
Westland Free Methodist Church - 1421 S. Venoy Rd., Westland 48186
Monday Night Location:
Warren Road Church
33445 Warren Road, Westland, MI
Pre-register for classes:. Email 

Health & Nutrition Classes

Topics for successful weight loss & healthy living Classes held Tuesday or Monday Nights $55 for 8 week course (drop-ins welcome $8)
  • Overcoming emotional eating
  • Detox / Organics
  • Shopping & Preparing for Success
  • Exercise Benefits
  • Alkaline / Inflammation
  • Metabolism Boosters
  • Fermented Foods / Probiotics
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Healing Oils
  • Massage Therapy / Chiropractics
 2017 Fall Class Schedule:
  • Tuesdays - 9/19 @ 7:30 pm
  • Monday - 9/25 @ 6:10 pm (stretching workout & food prep/samples)
  • Tuesdays - 10/03, 10/10, 10/17 @ 7:30 pm
  • Monday - 10/23 @ 6:10 pm (stretching workout & cooking)
  • Tuesdays - 11/7, 11/14 @ 7:30pm

Can't make Tuesday Nights?

Join our Health & Wellness Class online.

Course will be provided via youtube videos with online discussion in a private Facebook group as well as PERSONALIZED coaching. (You will be sent an assessment and given personal feedback/ coaching on changes to make - baby steps)!
Cost is only $40 (Introductory Rate).... Email to sign up for our October launch!!!


30 Day Jump-start Program

A challenge to jump-start your living well and weight loss journey. Involves food plan and supplements. Cost is determined individually. Participation in the 8 week Health & Nutrition course is encouraged but not required.


"I lost 16 lbs, 17" on the 30 Day Program, bloated feeling is gone, more energy, less mood swings, better skin nails and hair, my lab work came back - 244 down to 185 on cholesterol, I would encourage everyone to take advantage of what LifeCare offers - I am looking forward to so much more growing and learning!!"
“I feel good.” Better than I thought I would. This has been a great journey for me. It was easier than I thought for a couple of reasons. My carb cravings were extinguished with tools from my recovery toolbox – another reason to thank God. But most importantly, I have been traveling a road of obedience and this was a side trip I needed to take. I grew closer to God during this time as I allowed Him to enter a new room in my life. At times it was as if I was a young child asking my parents “what do you want me to buy at the grocery store” and “what should I have for dinner tonight.” And because of this attitude of heart, my eating became a more spiritual event rather than a physical or emotional one. I feel a much higher level of gratitude for all that He gives me on a daily basis. And, by bringing Him with me, our relationship has grown exponentially. I feel the moments of craving or the desire to run to food when my emotions are in upheaval, but I am trying to be dependent on Him for what I really need which, or course, is more of Him. My plan is to continue this “food boot camp” beyond the 30 days adding a few things (chocolate and salmon perhaps) with His permission of course, and with some clear rules for their use. I will look to Lillian for some help. Thank you so much, Lillian, for your knowledge, support and prayers."
"I am Down 8 pounds. Lost 2" in chest, 3" in hips, 5" in waist. Yay !!!!! My husband is down 18 pounds, off insulin, lost inches.... This was awesome , and we're not stopping. Thank you soooo much. Ps - I lost 20 pounds before I started this program so since November 1 - I am down 28 pounds."

Stretch & Strength

Monday nights @ 6:10pm
Classes for beginners & intermediate / advanced. Walk-ins welcome! First class is FREE!

Location: Warren Road Church
33445 Warren Rd., Westland, MI

LifeCare: Personal life Coach

 Studies have proven that setting goals, developing a plan and having accountability brings results. Coaching can assist you with setting goals, following through and accomplishing your goals.  Learn More

Counseling / Coaching / Admin Office Location
LifeCare Christian Center
33300 Warren Rd., Suite 17
Westland, MI 48185
(734) 629-3551