Health & Wellness 
Stretch & Strength Classes 
Stretch Your Way to Wellness
(Beginners & Intermediate/Advanced)
Mondays 6:10pm
Warren Road Light and Life Church
33445 Warren Rd
Westland MI 48185

This is what our Living Well Programs are all about.... it's not a diet,
it's a needed life style change - healthy living!!!
Following are a few other options available to you.
Check it out! We'd love to help YOU.



Interested in our:
          • 30 Day Jump-start Program
          • Baby Step Program
          • Health & Wellness 8-Week Course
          • Personalized Health & Wellness Coaching
          • Transformation Group Study 
Contact us right away by sending us an email and we will send out details and cost - for a change. You can look and feel great! We'd love to help YOU.