SAFE, SECURE & FREE - Kelly Hawkins 
 “Why is it even important to be safe and secure—to have the experience of being safe and secure? And why do I need to be free?The ultimate goal, and our biblical calling, should always be to pursue what leads to loving God and loving others. Safety and security give us a firm foundation so that we can be grounded, and then we are more equipped and empowered to freely love God and love others.”
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FIT 'N' FAITH - Lillian Easterly-Smith & Mike Smith 
FIT ‘n’ FAITH is about lifestyle change. This is a book that will give you tools to transform your entire life — your body, your soul and your spirit. Packed with stories of hope, encouragement, guidance, baby steps and a plethora of recipes, you will be guided on a path to a healthier and more fulfilling life. In Fit ‘n’ Faith, Lillian Easterly-Smith and Mike Smith draw the reader toward a lifestyle where every facet of life intersects, and where help, hope & health meet. You will want to keep this book close by and refer to it often.
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8½ SECRETS reveals key leadership strategies to energize and mobilize your unpaid workforce – the SECRETS your volunteers wished you knew! Ministry leaders will learn:
  • The TOP 10 Reasons Volunteers Quit
  • How to give believable encouragement
  • How to give compassionate criticism
  • How to run meetings that don’t drive volunteers crazy
  • How to expand your volunteer base
  • How to communicate to get the results you want
  • How to GROW to become the leader God intended
  • and, much more
8½ SECRETS is an easy to use self-study training manual for seasoned leaders as well as newbies – and the perfect hands-on resource for someone you feel is ready to step into leadership. This may not be everything in the world leaders need to know, but they NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING IN THIS BOOK!

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FAITH AND THE DIAGNOSIS documents the journey of three-time cancer survivor, Sherri Kay Riggie. During her battles with cancer, Sherri also wrestled with her faith and struggled with suicidal thoughts and the will to live. Having an extensive family history of cancer, including losing a son to cancer, she saw only hopelessness and despair. When darkness consumed more and more of her mind, God still remained present and faithful. Faith and the Diagnosis documents her journey that led her back into hope and to embrace the goodness of God all the more, and in it, she offers hope, encouragement and opportunities for reflection for those facing their own cancer journey.

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SOUL STRENGTH - Peter N. Nielsen
Physical training has a direct connection to your mind, emotions and your spirit. There is, however, training that we so often neglect, or really may not even know about, that affects every aspect of our lives. Life decisions, relationships, career, and yes, even health are deeply affected by it on every level. It is the training of the spirit. Being spiritually fit is what SOUL STRENGTH is all about. God’s, not Peter’s, principles will build and strengthen the very core of who you are and enable you to become what you were designed to be.

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SOUL STRENGTH LEADER’S GUIDE - Lillian M. Easterly-Smith with Peter N. Nielsen

LifeCare's SOUL STRENGTH LEADER’S GUIDE will provide group leaders with information to help facilitate discussion groups in their church or organization. This material will give leaders the necessary components to do what God has called them to do, and to do it well.

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  JUST FOR WHO I AM - written and illustrated by Elizabeth Marie Orvis

JUST FOR WHO I AM is the story of a girl who lives with a dragon and the ups and downs that come along with life. It is also about Papa, and his unconditional love, who teaches the girl that she is loved just for who she is. Through the story it gives practical advice and hope to kids and adults alike who struggle with similar life issues.

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THE CALL TO CARE - Lillian M. Easterly-Smith, BCPC
A resource kit for developing and maintaining a care ministry

"I have, for far too long, seen the Body of Christ walk with a limp that has kept us from fulfilling the call on our lives. It is my calling to help believers to learn how to run the race - become emotionally, physically, relationally, and spiritually healthy. I believe that what is also offered through this training and ministry is a path for seekers to find the one and only true, loving and compassionate God they seek.

"LifeCare is here to help you make a difference in the lives of people God is sending your way."

THE CALL TO CARE TRAINING RESOURCE KIT is a resources package containing 8 hours of live training on 3 dvds, 1 "Developing" manual, and 1 "Volunteer Training" manual.

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"This book is certainly not about anyone's faults or shortcomings. Living in a fallen world, we all (parents, children, friends, bosses, employees, pastors, small group leaders) fall short of the way we were created to live, love and experience life. This book is about exploring that creation and understanding what God intends to do about the fallenness of our existence. And He WILL do something about it."

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THE GREAT EXCHANGE: Replacing Lies with Experiential Truth - Lillian M. Easterly-Smith, BCPC

"...everyone has been wounded at some level - all of us have memories that are imbedded with lies. When we experientially 'know' God in these places and receive His truth, we will find His rest, joy and peace."

THE GREAT EXCHANGE is an inner healing prayer guide booklet put together to provide support and guidance for the inner healing prayer process. It is a guide for those who long to get the most out of personal inner healing prayer, and for those who are facilitating it with others.

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Butterfly Journal

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Other LifeCare Publishing books are coming soon including:
Feels Like I’m Drowning by Kelly Hawkins
One Drop More (a devotional of help, hope and healing to quench your spiritual thirst) by Kelly Hawkins 

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